Images of St. Gobnait's Church, Ballyvourney, Co. Cork, Ireland

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Images of St. Gobnait's Church, Ballyvourney

Origin of the Lucey family in Co. Cork, Ireland

St. Gobnait's Church, Ballyvourney

St. Gobnait's Church, Ballyvourney

Within the walls of St. Gobnait's Church

St. Gobnait's Church, Ballyvourney

John Lucey of Bolmore 1779-1862

James Lucey of Curraleigh 1811-1885

Ellen the wife of Jeremiah Lucey

Nelly Lucey 1811-1864

Further images of Inchigeelagh Old Church
and gravestones at this church and at Kilnamartery

Inchigeelagh Old Church

Within the walls of Inchigeelagh Old Church

Gravestone of Michael Lucey who died 1899 at Inchigeelagh

Gravestone at Kilnamartery

Today the most significant number of gravestones for the Lucey family are located in the old graveyard at St. Gobnait's church, Ballyvourney. The oldest are located within the walls of the derelict old church at the western end; such as that of John Lucey of Bolamore who was born in 1779. Today there is evidence of over 110 Lucey family members buried there, although there are probably many more unmarked or obliterated Lucey headstones. Although a very rare surname, even in Ireland, the largest number of Luceys still reside around Ballyvourney.

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