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Misc. data for the surnames Lucey & Lucy

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Map: Family Origins

Map: Irish Origins


1066: Battle of Hastings
1154: Egremont Castle & Reginald de Lucy
1178: Lesnes Abbey & Richard de Lucy
1215: Magna Carta
1217: Robert FitzWalter, grandson of Richard de Lucy
1624: Richard Kingsmill & the Jamestown Muster
1766: Inhabitant List for Kilmichael, Co. Cork
1810-1824: Ballyvourney, Co. Cork Baptisms
1821: Census for Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork
1821: Census for Parish of Aghalurcher, Co. Fermanagh
1824: Pigot's Directory for Cork City
1824: Pigot's Directory for Bandon, Co. Cork
1827: Tithe Applotment for Ballyvournay, Co. Cork
1827: Tithe Applotment for Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork
1827: Tithe Applotment for Macroom, Co. Cork
1837: Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland
1839: Pigot's Directory for London
1846: Post Office & Court Directory for London
1846: Slater's Directory for Macroom
1851: Census for Devon, Norfolk & Warwickshire
1851-1853: Griffiths Valuation of Ireland
1859-1940: Lucey Wills & Administrations
1863: Boherbue, Mallow Baptisms
1864-1960: Ballincollig, Co. Cork Marriages
1875-1884: San Francisco Records
1881: Census for United Kingdom
1886-1892: Ballincollig, Co. Cork Births & Deaths
1891: Census for London & Middlesex
C1900: Inchigeela Townlands, Co. Cork
1538-1940: Immigration Lists to America
United Kingdom National Archive Records - indexed for Lucey
Early Luceys of Bermondsey
Early Luceys of Lorraine
Early Lucys of Ledbury
Early Lucys in America
Early Luces of Jersey
Casey: Report on Lucy Family of Co. Cork & Kerry
John O'Hart Irish Pedigrees & Lucy of Water Tymes
Hugh de Morville & Richard de Lucy
William Shakespeare & Sir Thomas Lucy
Charlecote Park, Warwickshire
Winchester Cathedral & Godfrey de Lucy
William Wootton Lucy of Marlborough
Bishop William Lucy
Sean Mor Lucy
Sir Henry William Lucy: Journalist
Charles Lucy: Painter
Robert Emmet Lucy: Bishop
Anglo Irish War
US Civil War Soldiers
William Lucy and Eagle Ironworks, Oxford
Denis Lucey (1834-1872) and his career in the Royal Navy
Ballyvourney Chlondrohid Inchegeelagh Kilmichael Kilnamartry Macroom

Cornelius Lucey bowling on a Cork road in 1930's

1824: Pigot & Co.'s Directory for Cork City, Co. Cork


  • Lucey, Cornelius - Address: 26 Shandon Street

1824: Pigot & Co.'s Directory for Bandon, Co. Cork


  • Lucey, Timothy - Address: South Main Street

1863: Boherbue, Mallow Baptismal Records, Co. Cork


  • 9 August - Elisabeth Lucy to Corn Lucey and Mary Buckley, Dl. Connor and Mary Lehane

1827: Tithe Applotment for Parish of Ballyvourney, Co. Cork



1 - Patrick Twomey 55-0-0
2 - John Herlihy 27-2-0
3 - Widow Quill 27-2-0
4 - Humphry Lynch 21-0-0
5 - Corn. Murphy 11-0-0
6 - Jeremiah Twomey 17-2-0
7 - Jeremiah Lucey 42-2-0
8 - John Cronin 20-0-0
9 - Patrick Dinneen 20-0-0
10 - J. Lucey (bog) 40-0-0
11 - Daniel Lucey 40-0-0
12 - John Lucey 24-2-0
13 - Michael Lucey 24-2-0
14 - Corn. Lucey 32-0-0
15 - Denis Lucey 32-0-0

16 - Jeremiah Horgan 31-0-0
17 - Jeremiah Dinneen 31-0-0
18 - Andrew Desmond 37-0-0
19 - Thomas Gleeson 54-0-0


1 - John Kelleher 134-0-0
2 - Timothy Quill 80-0-0
3 - Daniel Lucey 40-0-0
4 - John Lucey 40-0-0

5 - Daniel Ryan 63-0-0
6 - Corn Leehane 82-0-0
7 - 0Darby Creedon 56-0-0
8 - Widow Dinneen 63-0-0
9 - 0Jeremiah Buckly 32-0-0
10 - Michael Lucey & Wm. Sheehan 100-0-0


1 - Denis Lucey 160-0-0
2 - Denis Donohue 127-0-0
3 - Michael Leehane 48-0-0
4 - Widow Twomey 48-0-0


1 - Widow Lucey 151-0-0
2 - Denis Dinneen 74-0-0
3 - John Sweeny 37-0-0
4 - Daniel Quill 32-0-0
5 - Darby Dinneen 48-0-0
6 - Daniel Gallavan 24-0-0
7 - Andrew Scannell 12-0-0
8 - Corn. Hallisey 45-0-0
9 - Daniel Hallisey 45-0-0
10 - Widow John Donohue 50-0-0
11 - Widow Quill 32-0-0
12 - John Murphy 35-0-0
13 - Widow Timothy Donohue 26-0-0


1 - John Buckly 475-0-0
2 - Michael Lucey 75-0-0


1 - John Lynch 200-0-0
2 - Corn. Kelleher 340-0-0
3 - 0Denis Ryan 250-0-0
4 - Michael Ahern 280-0-0
5 - Daniel Lynch 220-0-0
6 - John Finigan 120-0-0
7 - Denis Lucey 190-0-0
8 - Widow Lucey 200-0-0

1 - Corn. Connor 32-0-0
2 - Corn. Leehane Jr. 64-0-0
3 - James Connor 128-0-0
4 - Jeremiah Connor 54-0-0
5 - Patrick Finigan 54-0-0
6 - Michael McCarthy 60-0-0
7 - Timothy Crowly 30-0-0
8 - Corn Leehane Sr. 256-0-0
9 - Daniel Leehane 192-0-0
10 - Daniel Lucey 131-0-0
11 - Daniel Lynch 95-0-0
12 - John Gallavan 64-0-0
13 - James Kelleher 75-0-0
14 - John Keary 64-0-0
15 - James Leehane 40-0-0
16 - Widow Keary 128-0-0


1 - Denis Creedan 20-0-0
2 - Patrick Minihan 9-0-0
3 - Michael Creedan 12-0-0
4 - John Lynch 51-0-0
5 - Daniel Lynch 52-0-0
6 - Thomas Lynch 78-0-0
7 - Jeremiah Healy 45-0-0
8 - Corn. Lynch 15-0-0
9 - Eugene Sullivan 45-0-0
10 - John Manning 27-0-0
11 - Michael Lucey 27-0-0
12 - Mort. Twomey 1-0-0
13 - Daniel Julian Lynch 43-0-0
14 - unoccupied 21-0-0


1 - Jeremiah Lucey 138-0-0
2 - Thomas Desmond 160-0-0
3 - William Lynch 146-0-0
4 - Patrick Connell Jr. 80-0-0
5 - Patrick Connell Sr. 50-0-0
6 - William Connell 30-0-0
7 - John Lucey 71-0-0
8 - Daniel Lucey 43-0-0
9 - 0Jeremiah Lucey 71-0-0

10 - Humphry Lynch 100-0-0


1 - Darby Mullane 64-0-0
2 - Widow Mullane 32-0-0
3 - Corn Morrety ? 47-0-0
4 - John Twomey 47-0-0
5 - Widow Leehane 41-0-0
6 - Hugh Twomey 76-0-0
7 - 0Darby Sheehan 28-0-0
8 - James Sullivan 28-0-0
9 - Daniel Ryan 40-0-0
10 - John Connell 27-0-0
11 - Eugene Condon 28-0-0
12 - Matthew H. Twomey 29-0-0
13 - Peter Minihan 42-0-0
14 - John Minihan 21-0-0
15 - Humphrey Kelleher 84-0-0
16 - Andrew Kelleher 96-0-0
17 - Corn. Kelleher 30-0-0
18 - Corn. Lucey 62-0-0
19 - Matthew M Twomey 27-0-0
20 - Patrick Twomey 28-0-0

1810-1824 Ballyvourney Roman Catholic Baptisms, Co. Cork


  • 1813 Cors son of Darby Lynch and Julian Lucey, sponsors Darby Lynch and Cath
  • 1819 no date no name child of John Lucey and ? , sponsors Thomas Gov--- and ?
  • 1819 Joan dau of Dan and Mary Lucey, sponsors Dan Lucy and Mary Murphy
  • 1819 no date Ellen dau of Jhn Herlihy and Norry Lucey, sponsors Jhn Herlihy and Joan

1864-1960 Ballincollig Marriages, Co. Cork


  • 19 Feb 1871 John Fitzgibbon, f, labourer, son of Thomas Fitzgibbon also labourer to Ellen Lucey, f, servant daughter of Thomas Lucey, carpenter
  • 18 Jan 1874 John Lucey, f, huckster, Knockamore, son of James Lucey, a labourer to Ellen Devine, f, daughter of Cornelius Devine, labourer
  • 19 Jun 1884 Cornelius Lucey, f, son of Cornelius Lucey, labourer to Mary Lynch, f, daughter of Dennis Lynch, deceased, labourer
  • 5 April 1904 John Lucey, F, labourer, Timothy Lucey, dec., labourer Nora Downing, F, then there is a (-) Querty Downing, labourer
  • 10 Feb 1906 James Gooch, soldier, John Gooch, deceased Nora Lucey, servant, John Lucey
  • 14 Jan 1908 Henry Westnutt, soldier, Holder Westnutt Margaret Lucey, servant, John Lucey
  • 30 April 1910 Dennis O'Connor, carpenter, John O'Connor, carpenter Ellen Lucey, Patrick Lucey,
  • 29 April 1920 Patrick Horgan, f, farmer, Laciricag, Dan Horgan, farmer, dec Nora Lucey, F, Barnagore, Patrick Lucey, postman, dec
  • 23 Feb 1943 John Lucey, labourer, Jeremiah Lucey, dec Margaret Hegarty, Denis Hegarty, dec
  • 7 Feb 1948 Mortimer Lucy, kitchen helper, John Lucey, dec Mary O'Leary, Mathew O'Leary, worker
  • 20 Nov 1951 Daniel Lucey, builders labourer, John Lucey, Railway worker Theresa Barry, Patrick Barry, builders labourer
  • 27 Sept 1952 Peter Lucey, labourer, John Lucey, dec Julia Grainger, Henry Grainger, dec
  • 8 March 1957 Daniel Joseph O'Shea m Margaret Lucey daughter of James Lucey and Mary Keidy

Search Enquiry: Records for Irish Lucey & Lucy ancestors recorded by Norman Lucey

William Wootton Lucy of Marlborough


WILLIAM WOOTTON LUCY was born about 1800 and died on 16th November 1869 at Marlborough. He married ANN WENTWORTH in approx. 1821. He was a bookseller and stationer and resided at 132, High Street, Marlborough which he acquired from the Wentworth family. In 1824 he became the proprietor of Lucy & Co. who were the printers and publishers of The Marlborough Journal. In 1867, he became Marlborough postmaster and the Mayor. Ann Wentworth was the descendant of Adam Wentworth from Little Bedwyn who married Alice Hawkins in 1615. He had 5 sons & 3 daughters. Their eldest son William Lucy was born in 1822 at Marlborough and became a printer compositor, resident in Mile End, Middlesex. Charles Wootten Lucy became a bank manager at Taunton and of his other sons, Frederick Lucy became a librarian in Worthing and eventually a printer (Lucy & Birch) in Uxbridge, and Henry Lucy emigrated to the USA. Another of his sons, Richard Albert Lucy, became the postmaster at Marlborough around 1881. The daughter, Emma, managed Lucy & Co. after the death of her father. Her sister Susan was born in 1836 and married Henry Jarvis in 1869. He owned the "New Mill" at Pewsey and in 1904, inherited Lucy & Co. & the property at 132 High Street on Emma's death. The business was eventually sold to W.H.Smith who ran it for several years. Their daughter Agnes Jarvis became the first woman mayor in England. In 1991 Marlborough Council purchased 132, High Street for the town. It is now known as "The Merchant's House".

Early Luces of Jersey


J. Bertrand Payne's "Armorial of Jersey", published in 1859, states that the family of Luce settled in the parish of St Lawrence, Jersey in the Channel Islands prior to 1500. It also claims that the family originally migrated from Wales and are related to the ancient Norman de Lucy family. The Luce family in America, who migrated in the 1670's, also state that they came from Wales, the name prevalent throughout Gloucestershire and along the Welsh border. Payne also states that Luce of Jersey are related to the families of Le Brocq and Le Bailly of St Mary. Sire Piers Luce is recorded in the Jersey Chantry Certificate for 1550 and the name also appears in the Jersey Extente of 1528. It does not occur in the Extente prior to this date. The earliest known member of the family is Perrin Luce who Payne states was living in 1510; he married Alice Gibaut and had a son Martin Luce born in 1535. His son Raulin Luce was born in 1560 and married Jane Grossier. The earliest baptismal record is for Jeanne Lucy, daughter of Pierre Lucy on 11th October 1544 in St. Saviour, Jersey. The house and farm called La Chesnaie in St. Lawrence, formally La Chênée, was the property of the Luce family from about 1500 until it was sold by them in 1961. This was the home of Jean Luce and Suzanne Le Brocq (married in 1688) and their eldest son Francois who married Esther Le Couteur. It is believed the present house dates from 1688. The arms for Luce of Jersey are Azure a crescent Argent.

Early Luceys of Lorraine


There is early evidence of the Lucey family of Lorraine in France. It has been suggested that Josbert de Lucy (c.1091-1119), involved in the Norman administration of Sicily, with many possessions in Sicily and Calabria, may have emanated from the French province of Lorraine. His arms are similar to those illustrated in the Armorial de Berry of c.1445 for Lucy of Lorraine, both of which use the Brabantian lion. Lucy in Moselle, Lorraine, was a powerful lordship in the 15th century. It was known as Lucey in the 12th-16th centuries. The heiress of Dombasle (now called Dombasle-sur-Meurthe in Meurthe-et-Moselle), Marguerite de Dombasle married Jean de Lucy, the son of Maheu de Lucy in 1420. Nine generations of the "House of Lucy" in Lorraine, descended from this Maheu de Lucy (alive in 1381) are documented in "Histoire de la maison des Salles" 1716 by Augustin Calmet.

The early genealogical records from the village of Lucey in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine also refer to the marriage of Claudin de Lucey, the son of Jean Claudin de Lucey to Francoise de Lagney on 27th January 1632 and Claudine de Lucey, child of Francois de Lucey to Mayet de Paguet on 3rd February in the same year. Jacques Joseph de Lucey, son of Francois de Lucey and Barbe Belliot was baptised on 18th October 1685 in Blainville-sur-l'Eau, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine. There were numerous families named Lucey, Lucy, Lucie and Luce in Meurthe-et-Moselle in the 17th-18th century.

The de Lucey family of today descend from Bartholomew Celsus de Lucey who was born in 1808 in Bar-le-Duc, Meuse, Lorraine (Bar was the birthplace of the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots). He died on 25th October 1881 in Palmyra, Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. He married Elizabeth Dixon on 22nd September 1847 in West Ham, Essex, England. The surname is sometimes spelt Delucey.

Bartholomew was a soldier and received the French Decoration of Honour. He migrated to Australia from England in 1850 to become a Prison Warden. His wife and child Thomas arrived in Fremantle from London aboard the "Dido" to join her husband on 14th December 1852. Thomas Hill Dixon (1816-1880) became the first Superintendent of Convicts in Western Australia in 1850. In August 1857 Bartholomew transported 4 convicts, all soldiers and sailors convicted by court-martial in India, from Singapore to Fremantle aboard the "City of Palaces". He has also been found in the UK Merchant Navy Seaman Records from 1835. Their three children were: 1) Thomas Richard Dixon de Lucey, b. 1850 in Poplar, London, d. 21 January 1932 in Perth, Western Australia, 2) William Dixon de Lucey, b. 1854 in Fremantle, Western Australia, d. 10 July 1904 in Manchester, England and 3) Fanny Margaritta de Lucey, b. 1859 in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia, d. after 1891 in Bury, Lancashire, England.

John O'Hart Irish Pedigrees and Lucy of Water Tymes


John O'Hart (1824-1902) in his book "Irish Pedigrees; or The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation", collated the Lucy family of Magherstafanagh, Raferton, and Doogary, co. Fermanagh, Ireland. He stated that the Lucys of Doogary townland claim descent from William Lucye, of Hanley, Oxfordshire, England, whose grandson, Anthony, was a freeholder in Magherstafanagh, co. Fermanagh. This he says is "proved beyond dispute" by a 1718-19 document which originally belonged to Sir William Betham. It states:- "Mr. Anthony Lucye, a gentleman of good account, a freeholder in Magherstafanagh, derives himself from eminent persons in church and state of ye name Lucye, in ye shire of Oxford; and ye said Anthony Lucyes grandfather, who was called William, had a good estate at Hanley, bordering ye Water Tymes, in Oxfordshire" (probably Henley on the River Thames). "This family beareth in their Coate of Arms, three swimming pykes, nine stars, and a flower de Luce." He states due to the arms that the family were "connected by blood" with Lucy of Charlecote. The pedigree as follows:-

1. William Lucy, of Hanley, Oxfordshire. His son:
2. Thomas Lucy was the founder of the family in Ireland. He built the old house at Rafertan, where the Lucys resided for many generations. His sons:
3. Anthony Lucy, of Magherstafanagh; buried in Clogher churchyard.
4. James, buried in Clogher, died 1728, aged 88; signed the address from Enniskillen to King William and Queen Mary, after the defence of that town, in which this James took part.
5. Robert, buried in Clogher.
6. Thomas, son of Anthony (No. 3), died about 1750; buried in Clogher. His son:
7. Anthony Lucy, d. about 1770; buried in Clogher. His son:
8. Thomas Lucy, b. about 1748, died May 22nd, 1828, buried in Clogher;. issue:
9. William Lucy, of Doogary, Fermanagh, living in 1887, unmarried.
10. John Lucy, died 15th Jan. 1832.
11. Thomas Lucy, drowned 13th Jan. 1831, aged 40 years.
12. George Lucy, born 1797; married Phoebe Spinks, died at Greymouth, New Zealand, 23rd Feb. 1871, aged 74 years; leaving issue:
13. Thomas Lucy, died in New Zealand.
14. Anne Lucy, who married Mr. Francis, of Doogary, St. Kilda, Melbourne, no issue, both living in 1887.
15. Elizabeth Lucy, mar. (1862) George Simpson Smith, who was born at Roughan, near Augher, co. Tyrone. There is a large family by this marriage; both living at Greymouth, New Zealand, 1887.

One can only assume that "Water Tymes" refers to the River Thames, however there is a known extensive Lucy family from Hanley Castle in Worcestershire, which is close to both Ledbury and Charlecote.

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